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About ccsmi

Free quotes are never free.

Let’s just clear that up right now.

Usually, the expense is covered by an increase in hourly rate or hidden somewhere else in the pricing model.

We quote on many jobs.

Here’s the deal though, we will never bump up your cost in any way unless we have you sign off on the work.

Our Promise to You

Let us be at your assistance from the Start to the Finish of the Project. And we pride ourselves on our honesty.

Let us make things work for you, we have many years of experience in the Fabrication, we can solve most problems presented. Give us a call

We have built components 30 years ago and they are still traversing this great land of ours

Competent people doing exceptional workmanship!

Why Choose Us

    We manufacture using the Highest Quality Material sourced from Australia. We are PROUD Australians 

- 01
Eco Friendly

We pride ourselves on being Green. We want to save the Planet.

- 02
climate Change

We are at the forefront on the road to Making Our Planet safer

- 03
Easy Washing

Most of our builds can be easily washed, making the off road, long haul journeys a pleasure. 

- 04
Out of this world designs

We have made many great inclusions for our clients from Showers to Kitchenettes we love to design.

- 05
LATEST Machinery

All of our machinery meets and exceeds quality standards